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Pedigree Ancestor - Ponders End Maximum Cheers


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Name  Ponders End Maximum Cheers 
BreedNigerian Dwarf
ColorBuckskin w/exten. white markings
S: Flat Rocks Maximum Return (PA Revelation x MCH Flat Rocks Suprise)

D: New Road Ranch Lilith (Goodwood Franklin x Goodwood Tiana)

Cheers is a lovely doe with nice length, width and depth of body, good width between the hocks, a lovely rear leg set like her dam's and a nice straight front. She also inherited her dam's calm, quiet temperament. Her udder is capacious, has a well-extended fore, good medial and very milkable teats. Cheers is the dam of our Ponders End Spokesmodel.

Now owned by Kathy Walters of Foothill Ranch in CA.

Parents (G1) Grand Parents (G2)


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