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Meet My Nigerian Dwarf Goats!!!

Nigerian Dwarf Does
Alani    [BBY BoydsBarnYard C Alani]

Age: 3 years (3/24/15)
Color: Black White
Height: 21.25"
LA Score: +VVF 78 (Dry, no milking just nursing a single kid)

Sire: Castle Rock Cosmos
         (Camanna GD Music Man x GCH CRF Castle Rock Lunar Eclipse VEEE91)
Dam: CH BBY Boyd's Barnyard Tulip VEVV88
         (Rosasharn Unique 4D Milk x Shooting Star WS Fantasia)

Alani is a 2 year old black/white doe with frosted nose and ears. She is a well bred show goat and has three reserve championships already under her belt. She is a good natured quiet doe who is well behaved in the show ring and on the milk stand. This last year she had an easy kidding which produced a doeling and a buckling. I will be showing her in the spring along with, hopefully, her 2018 kids.

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Diva    [R Serenity SR All Dolled Up]

Age: 20m (2/23/17)
Color: Buckskin / White 
Height: 18.5"
LA Score:

Sire: Castle Rock Sun-Ray A++ 81
         (Castle Rock Triumph *B *S x Castle Rock Sunsplash VEVV88)
Dam: R Serenity CT Girl Next Door ++VV85 (FF)
         (Camanna WH Tully Blue V+E 86 x New Creations TS She's Spot On 3*M 1*D VEEV89)

Diva is a buckskin and white doeling with all the bells and whistles. She is polled, blue eyed, flashy colored and has moon spots. To top that off she has a good pedigree for both milk and show. Diva is fairly small for her age and I'm not sure how big she will end up.
Diva is my baby and she is a complete attention hog. She is fairly well mannered and, although, she seems to like to show, she never places well. However, she will likely be a great milker. She tends to take things in stride and is always willing to go, go, go!

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Tansy    [Loperrized TTT Tansy]

Age: 19m (3/27/17)
Color: Gold White on face & side
Height: 22"
LA Score:

Sire: Loperrized BHT Tonka Truck +EE87
         (Rebel Acres NB Big Hoss x SGCH Sandy Hollow SHO Treasure 3*M VEEE 90)
Dam: SGCH Loperrized KT Trella 4*M VEEE 91
         (Mystiques Blue Knight x SGCH Sandy Hollow SHO Treasure 3*M VEEE 90)

Tansy is a well bred gold and white doeling out of excellent show and milk stock. She was raised in the house as a bottle baby and tends to think pretty highly of herself. She doesn't like changes, strangers, or a lot of activity, however she is the first to seek out escape and mischief. She does fairly well at the shows and I am hopeful she will do even better this coming year. This girl looks like she will be a very large doe as she is already bigger than her older "sister" Diva and nearly as big as the 2-year-old Alani.

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Roka    [Banshee Alani Roka]

Age: 8 months (2/1/18)
Color: Black 
LA Score:

Sire: SLY Farms Catapult
         (Castle Rock Black Oak *S x MCH/CH/PGCH SLY Farms GN Catalina)
Dam: BBY BoydsBarnYard C Alani
         (Castle Rock Cosmos x CH BBY Boyd's Barnyard Tulip VEVV88)

Roka is the first born of the Banshee herd. She is out of my foundation doe Alani and was sired by an excellent Castle Rock buck who was out of my favorite doe ever Sly Farms Catalina. I have high hopes for Roka and will be actively showing her in the junior classes this year. Roka is the smallest and the most timid of her litter, but I hope that she will become more outgoing as she matures.

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Nigerian Dwarf Boys
Cajun    [Sans Gene De Cajun Swing]

Age: 3 years (4/10/15)
Color: Black Belly Spot & Frosting
Height: 23.75"
LA Score: AVV 81

Sire: Sans Gene GT Doppler Effect VEE88
         (Caprinos TMM Renegade VEE87 x GCH Caprinos RI Night Jasmine 1*M AR EEEE91)
Dam: GCH Sans Gene K Zydeco EEEV90
         (Poppy Patch HB Evel Knievel +B VEE90 x Caprinos TMM Lucienne 2*M EEEV90)

Cajun will be our 2019 herd sire. He will be showing this summer and in LA, then will be bred to all the girls for April/May 2019 kids.

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