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First Show - Chehalis

I'm back from the goat show with Diva. It was a first for both of us and we are both completely exhausted. Diva actually spent the last half of the show sleeping on my chest. She might as well have, we placed at the tail-end of every class. Still, Diva was very well behaved and the sweetest goat there, I swear. The show was way easier than I had thought and I definitely over stressed about it. Next show a week from today, but in the next one both Tansy and Diva will be in it!

The other thing I learned was that judges have WILDLY different opinions! I watched goats place near-last with one judge and turn around and be first or second place under another.

OH! I forgot to mention the LOOT! I won 1 silent auction and 3 raffle prizes! Wooo hooo!

Update... my whites are no longer white. Apparently I had a raffle ticket (red craft paper) in my white jeans when I washed them last night. My white show clothes are now pink.

First Shave

Diva (not quite 3 months old) got her first clipping today. She has a show coming up and all the articles online say to shave them a week or two in advance so that the coat has a chance to even out. Well, I hope that "evening out" can work miracles because not only was this Diva's first time being clipped, but my first time clipping. I have had easier jobs trying to halter an unhandled draft stallion! I know she isn't posed right, but we haven't learned that yet. She does walk on a leash though, so there is that! However I still need to trim her feet and then scissor the hair around her hooves. Other then that I think we are about where we are going to be for her grooming for this first show this weekend. We have been practicing setting up and she will now let me move her feet and will stand there. Unfortunately me taking pictures of her was too distracting and she wouldn't hold a pose - that doesn't give me much hope that she will hold a pose for the show either, but we are learning.

Vet for All!

Today was a busy day with the animals! The whole equine herd (my own and the rescues) got their yearly vet work done, their feet trimmed, and some extras. Diva got to come up to the horse pasture because she needed a microchip and some travel paperwork for the shows. She thought it was a blast because she got to run all over the place, climb on strange things, smell funny things, and explore unknown areas. Shalla had her second vet check. This time we did her teeth, vaccines and she also had internal exams. She is NOT pregnant! Yay! But she does have a cyst in her uterus, which is why she probably didn't take even though I know that the breeder who dumped her for slaughter had to have attempted to breed her several times over the last few years. Her teeth were also pretty nasty, however other than that and a few small gray-horse-tumors, she appears to be in pretty good health. Now all she needs to do is gain some weight and she'll be looking good! Skandal also got her teeth done and vaccinated. Dragon and Shelta didn't need their teeth done, but they did get vaccinated. Archer was vaccinated, floated and had his sheath cleaned. I had meant to worm them all today, but that accidentally got left behind at home so will have to be done this weekend. This weekend will also be a good spa-brushing day and will be a day Archer dreads - Return of the Muzzle Day! I have to say that today was a huge success due completely to my wonderful vet Dr Dana and my farrier Erin who came out and not only trimmed all the horses but helped to handle them and keep everything smoothly going. It was literally one horse in another horse out in a constant flow due to Erin jumping in and helping so much. Thank you!

Tansy has a bad day

Tansy had a bad day. Today Tansy got disbudded and tattooed. Two things that no kid wants. She slept through the whole thing and was actually wagging her tail while she was being disbudded. However, it hurt us to watch it and I'm sure it will hurt her when the drugs finally wear off. In other news... Tansy did get to meet her Caprinae family today. She was reluctant about Diva (who seems to be a bit of a bully), but she did hold her own. She really didn't take any notice of Cotton - perhaps she thinks he is a dog or a pony, both of which live at her foster home. She sure is a cute little bugger and I absolutely love all the gorgeous shades of gold in her coat.

Dolly becomes Diva

Dolly has had a name change! It's been lurking for a while now, but now it is official. Dollies to me are sweet, yes, but kinda mild and boring. This gal is sweet, but she is not mild and she is not boring. I think she's more in the "Warrior Princess" category than the "Dolly" category. Today was a nice sunny day so we got some play time in after work. Diva played Mountain Goat, explored the yard, chased the dog, was chased by the dog and in general just made a fool of herself all over the place. In addition to that she got her first hoof trim (and my first time trimming a kid) and practiced walking on a leash for the first time. She was definitely better with the leash than she was with the trimming!

The Queen Has Arrived

Dolly made it home today, but there aren't many pictures due to the atrocious weather, so sorry to disappoint.

I met Brenda (Dolly's breeder) and she is a great gal who told me lots about the goats and showed me all her babies. There is one baby left, a little chocolate doe, if anyone is interested! She is super friendly and I do have to admit that I thought about it, myself.

Dolly was quite the little queen of the castle at Brenda's place and felt comfortable bossing everyone else around, so I am hoping she keeps that here. She was initially not pleased at the idea of being stuffed in a crate and driven hundreds of miles from everything she has ever known, but after the first few minutes of screaming her head off she settled down and lay quietly for the rest of the trip. Once home she checked her new place out, but she thinks my little dogs are wolves. Unfortunately she also thinks Cotton is a bigger wolf... hopefully that will change over the next little bit as they are meant to be friends!

The 500 Mile Goat

Well, it has been quite the day! After a nearly 500 mile drive, Tansy has arrived home... but only briefly. She is now about 45 minutes north of here to spend a month or two with Sabrina and her daughters Natalie and Natasha. She was a lovely traveler and didn't dirty the car at all. I was quite impressed! She is extremely friendly and just wants to be held all the time. Such a sweet girl!

The beginning of a Herd

I have posted about each of these little guys individually as I got them, however I haven't posted as a group. These guys will be my caprinae mini-herd for the next two years. During these two years I am going to learn, attend and participate in goat showing and other activities. I will decide how interested I am in this and at the end of 2 years I will decide if I want more, or if it is not for me. These little beasties are first and foremost pets, after that they are yard workers, and lastly the two doelings are potential show goats. Even if I decide that the hobby-goat world is not for me, these two little does will remain pets and yard workers.

Dolly, the buckskin/white doeling is a month old at this point. She is polled, blue eyed and has moon spots so she is like the trifecta of bells and whistles. Her registered name is "R Serenity All Dolled Up" and she is from R Serenity Farm in Vancouver, WA and was bred by Brenda Bensmiller. Dolly is out of Castle Rock lines on her sire's side and on her dam's side she has Camanna, Poppy Patch, Algedi, New Creations and more. Her mother, "R Serenity CT Girl Next Door" is ++VV85 and has won 1st place and best udder in first year milker at the Clark County Fair. This year her mother moves to Melody Miller-Ennis's farm and will be linear appraised in June, shown and then next year will be on a milk test. Dolly comes home to me on April 22nd and I will finish her out on a bottle here.

Tansy, the gold/white doeling is four days old. I don't know if she is polled yet, but I am hoping so. Her registered name is "Loperrized TTT Tansy" and she is from Loperrized Nigerians in Hermiston, OR and was bred by Nicole Loper. Tansy is from Loperizzed stock on top and bottom that goes back to Sandy Hollow, Rebel Acres and Rosasharn lines. Her mother is SGCH "Loperrized KT Trella" (4*M VEEE 90), she has had a very successful show, milking and breeding career. Her dam's mother is SGGCH "Sandy Hollow SHO Treasure" (3*M VEEE 90) and was also a great success. Her dam's granddam is SGCH "Sandy Hollow UK Sunshine" (2*M VEEE 91). This little girl has a direct maternal line of three grand champions in a row and perhaps she can be the fourth! Tansy will be picked up from her breeder on or before April 9th and will be raised as a bottle baby. Sabrina Connaughton and her girls are going to raise her during her first month or two, then she will likely be ready to come home and join her little family with Dolly.

Pending Another Goat

I have found my second doeling! She does have a name now - Tansy! Her name will be Loperrized TTT Tansy. Right now she is only 3 days old (born March 27). This is my only picture at this point, but she'll be coming home as soon as she can get picked up from Hermiston. Sabrina is going to bottle raise her for me, so this little baby is going to get to be a house goat for a while! This should make her super friendly!

Pending a Goat

My goat dreams are one step closer to reality. I have found a doeling for me!!! She is gorgeous and very friendly! Her name right now is Dolly (R Serenity All Dolled Up). She is a well-bred Nigerian Dwarf and won't get very big. She was born on Feb 23rd, so I won't be able to get her until May, but I have already sent in her deposit. She's being dam raised, but she has already been taught to take a bottle too. I am still searching for doeling #2, but there is a litter due in less than two weeks that I am hoping she is in.


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