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Alani Came Home

I went and picked up Alani today from her breeder since yesterday she was confirmed to be pregnant with 2-3 babies. She seemed very frightened on the car ride home, perhaps because she had never left her home before without her herdmates beside her. I ended up singing to her the whole way home as she would become quiet while I sang. Introductions went easy with Diva and Tansy as they seemed to immediately take a submissive herd position under Alani. She wandered around the pen, jumped on things, and dug right into the food. All in all it seemed to go well... until night time. Rather then sleep with the doelings in the big house, or pick a different house to make her own, she spent the night standing on top of one of the dog houses. Not sleeping there, just standing. It makes me worry, but everyone online says that all is well and she'll figure it out.


Different strokes for different goats. Diva and Tansy show off their standing skills... some are better than others. Today the girls (and Cotton) got Winterized! Vaccines, hoof trimmings and treatments, copper boluses, tattoo checks, etc. I was going to worm them too, but was advised to wait and do a fecal test first. Thanks to Brandee for doing the hard stuff!

Feeder Experiment #1

Each day when I feed my goats they leave left over hay behind. Basically anything that came in direct contact with the ground is apparently contaminated and not fit for goat consumption. I am used to feeding horses who, while they cost a lot more to feed, at least make sure that they snarf up every last crumb of food. These goats cost a fraction to feed as compared to the horses, but they are WASTEFUL and I so resent it! I need to build (or buy) a winter feeder in the next month or two, but I needed to put something in place temporarily because the girls were wasting so much hay that I then have to clean up. This converted laundry basket was my first attempt. There is grain in the bottom of it, but the girls haven't figured that out yet. I think this is kinda neat and will work well while traveling, however I still need to build a covered wire/wood freestanding feed bunk for the winter.

And Then There Were Two

For the last 13 years I have been rescuing horses. In total I have rescued 70 horses. I always knew that rescue was costly (time, emotion, stress and money), but I had never really added it up until now and I find it astonishing. I am very satisfied with how I have lived my life and I don't regret a single one of the horses I have saved. However, now it is time to focus on my own. This weekend the last of the rescue horses left for his new home. I am now down to my personal and family horses and I don't intend to rescue anymore. These two horses, Archer and Shelta, are my horses. So often they have been pushed to the side because the rescue horses were more desperately in need of the time, attention, effort and finances. I am proud of my horses and I am looking forward to having more time to devote just to them.

Visiting with Alani

I went to visit Alani today at her previous home. She is going to be staying there until she is confirmed pregnant, but I wanted to visit her in person as well as see the bucks. I got to visit with Kristi Boyd and her younger daughter and they were absolutely lovely folks. Their property is a well thought out farm built on the side of a hill where they have plants, goats and even a couple horses. They brought Alani down for me to visit with her because they want to make sure their goat area stays biologically secure, which I can completely understand, and since I am getting one of their goats, appreciate. Alani was even better in person than what I had thought from her pictures. She is very very pretty and I love her build. She was sweet natured and quiet, but very welcoming of scratches. Just a nice calm girl and exactly what I was looking for to add to my little herd. I also got to meet her daughter from this same breeding and the doeling was very nice. I am anxious to bring Alani home and greatly hoping that she gives me a nice little doeling like the one I saw today.

Pending Another Goat!

I am getting a new goat! Her name is Alani (BBY BoydsBarnYard C Alani) and she is black/white with frosted nose and ears. She is 2 years old and has already kidded (a doeling) this year. She is a show goat and has three reserve championships already under her belt. Her mother just became a finished champion this last show season at 8 years old. Alani is a good natured quiet doe who is well behaved in the show ring and on the milk stand.

I will be showing her in the spring along with, hopefully, her kids. Yep! You heard that right, kids. She is already mine, but she is going to be bred to a buck at her breeder's farm and staying there until she is confirmed pregnant before coming home. The buck is named Thor (SLY Farms Catapult) and is also well bred. These kids will be the first Banshee babies and I am so excited about that.

These pictures were all sent to me by her breeder, Kristi Boyd, but I will get more to post this week. She will be coming home if she takes on the first try in mid-late October. I can't wait to get her here!

Pedicure and Pictures

Today was a bit of a spa day for the Banshee ladies. Diva and Tansy got their feet trimmed and then they got stood up for conformation pictures. I hadn't gotten any real conformation pictures of them before and as Diva is now 6 months, it seems about time. Unfortunately they were shaggy and not in show coats, but it didn't seem fair to shave them just for pictures when winter is coming. By the time I shave them next it will be May and these two will both be dry yearlings.

New House... or Toy

I have been keeping my eyes open for a new house for the girls to keep them warm in the winter. I have plenty of plastic houses for them, but didn't think those would be warm. Well, at Reber today I found a house I had looked at previously and it was $100 cheaper than last time I saw it. I snagged it up and brought it home. The girls fit inside it easily and I got it set up in their pen. They don't seem that impressed in it as a house, but they do think it is a great jumping toy. Maybe they will like it better when the rain and the cold starts up.

A box from the auction

So, today, at the auction... wait, I swear I've started stories like this before! Anyways, today there was a horse that needed pics and such in the kill pen so that it could maybe find a home, and it happens to be that this kill pen is at an auction. And it just so happens that this morning when I went down to get those pictures of the horse, that the auction was having a livestock sale. Well, now... I couldn't let that go unattended, could I? So, I bought something. Something for my goats. And I gave it to them.

A box! My goats LOVE LOVE LOVE boxes! They get to jump on boxes, and jump off boxes, and play queen of the hill on boxes! Boxes are like their favorite thing ever! But... this box was a bit defective, which came as a total shock to them. You see, this box had something in it... two somethings, actually. My goaty girls were not at all sure what to make of their box-intruders, but they seemed willing to accept the company. Now let's just hope that the bunnies are smart and stay in the goat pen where they are safe.


Spent the day with the goatlings and friends up at the Goatalympics in Monroe to benefit New Moon Goat Rescue. It was a great time! Diva was a diva and had crowds of people enthralled. I mean, she literally probably got her picture taken with over 200 people. She just soaked up the attention! We did the obstacle course and she did it *perfectly*! She didn't take a single wrong step, however, we didn't go fast enough. We did get an Honorable Mention ribbon, though, which might not seem like much but hey, it's Diva's first ribbon! Tansy also got to go and she participated in more events with Natalie. She was over the crowd pretty quickly and then we had to ask folks to leave her alone as they were stressing her out. She still did really well though and won a bunch of ribbons! Ryan & Sabrina were also there and Sabrina took all these pics. There will probably be more pictures later on as folks post what they took from the event and the event photographers post stuff up too. Oh, and Mary was one of the judges! I also saw Cori and Jack! All in all it was a great day

Solstice! First day of Summer!

Working Girls! My goats may go to shows and all that fancy stuff, but their real job is as weed eaters. Here the girls are earning their keep. I had the day off today and didn't do much of anything, but at least I did it in good company.

No Respect

It is a good thing that Bravo is such a patient and tolerant dog. All my other animals just crawl all over him. At best he is a toy and at worst a stepping stool. What is an old dog to do? Do they not know his ancestors were wolves?

Archer! What did you Do?

On June 11th, I noticed a big nasty *thing* on Archer's shoulder. I posted this about it on FB: "Has anyone ever seen anything like this before or have any idea what this is? This is on my Shire cross gelding Archer and I don't think it was there as of Thursday afternoon. He doesn't mind me touching it and I can pull it forward and it is just in the skin and not attached to muscle or anything underneath it. It has the consistency of like a callous or something... not soft, but not a "hard" feeling either. I lathered it in SWAT and left it... but I am pretty concerned as I have never seen such a thing before." Most people assumed that it was a sarcoid and told me to leave it alone and it would go away on it's own.

On June 13th, the mass was surgically removed by the vet and sent off for examination.

On June 17th, the results came back from the lab. Not a sarcoid, but cancer. Squamous Cell Carcinoma to be exact. The good news is that it appears that Dr Dana got it all. It is very odd that a horse would get it on his shoulder, especially a black horse with no lack of pigment there. It is also very odd that it spread so quickly. The carcinoma was there for less than a week and yet it got that big - I hate to think how big it would have gotten in a couple weeks. By that time it may have spread beyond repair. I am very grateful that DrDana changed around her schedule in order to come out so quickly and remove it. Her quick action may well have saved my horse's life.

Shelta - A two year old

Shelta turned two today. Nothing fancy happened, I just made sure to bring her in and get pictures of her. I am so happy with how she is developing. She has lovely bone and build. She is probably about 15.1hh which is a tad taller than I was hoping she would get, so here is hoping that she stops getting taller now. She still has a long ways to go about filling out, but she won't be fully grown until she is about 5 years old. She is a very sweet natured filly who loves everyone. Every now and again she has a "teenage" moment, but for the majority of the time she is very obedient. Right now she is just learning to be a horse within a herd and doing random odd things with humans.

Kennewick Show - Wine Country Classic

Tansy fairly well rocked this show. She was in three classes and got two seconds and a third. She kept placing behind her aunt, so she was very consistent. Tansy was better behaved than the other goats too. Diva, well, Diva did the same as always, lol. She placed tail-end of all her classes, but she behaved herself nicely. Frankly Diva just likes to go to shows for the attention and the opportunities to sleep on me. I do think I am picking up a bit more about this showing thing though as my "favorite" of the adult goats kept winning and winning.


I put up a canopy over part of the goats' playpen today... I also got them a bigger dog house for inside the kennel. They aren't spoiled at all.

Paddock Paradise

The goatlings paddock is complete! Actually it is overly complete. I will be removing one of the dog crates and anything else that they don't use. Right now they don't seem interested in the playhouse and if that stays the case I will be getting rid of it. They like the slide thingy and they love the pallets. Ironic that their favorite things are the simple pallets.

Finally! A real home!

Tansy and Diva moved to their new home today - my front paddock. It is probably about 1/3 acre of tall grass, weeds, and blackberry bushes. I moved their kennel out there along with 4 dog houses. I figure the dog houses are dual purpose sleeping quarters and jumping toys. I need to get them more toys... I did have an overturned muck bucket for them to jump on but some how they broke it. They seem to be taking the change pretty good so far - but that might shift as it starts to get dark. All together I think I spent way too much time out in the sun with them today, yesterday and then at the show on Saturday as I'm feeling the effects of too much heat/sun now. So, time for a cool shower and a relaxing night!

Two is a crowd

This weekend Tansy came home to live with Diva. She has been graciously raised by Sabrina, Natalie and Natasha as a house goat up until now. She seems to like it here and be having fun, but there is still some adjustment going between being a house-goat and a yard-goat. She does NOT like Cotton, but seems to think Diva is good. Unfortunately Diva is not at all impressed with the idea of having a little sister. They are funny and I am sure in a week they will be inseparable and in the mean time they have separate houses inside their night kennel. In the pasture there are separate houses too. I can't wait for the day when I can take a picture of them cuddled up together.

Monroe Show

The Monroe Goat Show was a blast. I showed Diva while Natalie showed Tansy and Sabrina provided cheering power to both.

Before the show Diva got spruced up with her clip and trim by Brandy Green. I was pretty thankful for that because although I had clipped her, I thought I did a pretty poor job of it and didn't want it to reflect badly on her. Diva placed 4-5 in all her classes, but they weren't that big. However, she seems to absolutely love showing and is getting better at it. She may not win, but she does try! She is a champ in her leading around the ring, is better at staying where she is put for the line up, and just chills between classes. She is very interested in watching everything happen and seems to be completely content to attend the shows. More than anything I think she loves the shows because she gets to spend so much time sleeping on me.

Tansy was not that impressed by showing. She placed poorly, but it was her first time out. She has been a house goat and yesterday was very traumatic for her. She got shaved(!), her feet trimmed, then had to walk on a leash, stay put and generally not be catered to. She was handled by Natalie and she did an absolute rockstar job of handling Tansy. You could obviously see the difference between the first and third classes. Tansy was already learning what to do thanks to Natalie's direction. None of the judges had anything negative to say about Tansy, and in fact they said good things about her, however they consistently said she wasn't developed enough to compete yet.

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