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Banshee Haven

Banshee Haven is my website for my Nigerian Dwarf goats and my drafty personal horses. In the future there may be other animals, but that is what is here for now. The name “Banshee Haven” was coined from the plaintive cry of my goat Diva when she was a baby and would scream for me. I needed to come up with a herd name for the ADGA/AGS (goat registries) that hadn’t been taken before, and surprisingly, “Banshee” was available. I figured the name was nicely multidimensional and would work well both for the goats and for my horses, so I have adopted it as my “farm name”. At this time I am located in Kent, WA but will be moving in the future.

The Goats

I currently have a pair of lovely Nigerian Dwarf doelings and have recently purchased a 2 year old doe as well. The adult doe will be bred for early 2018 kids, but my doelings won't be bred until winter 2018 for spring 2019 kids. I actively show my goats and in the future will be participating in Linear Appraisal as well.

I plan to focus on keeping my line as small as possible, while also reaching for high show and linear appraisal scores. I am not fond of the trend towards bigger Nigerian Dwarfs and would like to aim for the smaller, but still high quality, ones. My goats will be tested yearly for CAE, CL and Johnes. Any bucklings, unless I retain them, that my does produce will be wethered and found homes as pets. Doelings will be kept at least through their first show season and then I will decide which ones to keep for my herd. All kids my does produce will be dam raised, but will be handled and well socialized with humans. Any kids produced here that end up being rehomed are looking for show or pet homes and I will be picky where they go.

The Horses

The horses listed on this site are my personal farm horses. They are small draft horses and are capable of being all-around farm helpers and are expected to do any job asked of them.

Archer rides, drives, packs, pushes cows, pulls a cart or wagon and can skid logs… however Archer is getting older and is no longer sound for hard work. He is still a great babysitter, coyote guard, and tolerates all manners of foolishness from humans and other animals, but at this point he is mostly just retired and will live out his days here with me.

Shelta is my young filly. She is only two years old and is far from grown, but she is being raised to be Archer’s replacement. In the future I will likely either bring in another small draft or possibly breed Shelta to produce one for me. I do not breed horses for sale and any foals that I produce will be bred for my own use and will be here for life.

In addition to my own horses, I also usually have rescue horses. The rescue horses are quite often times available for adoption into good homes and if they aren't available yet, they generally will be as soon as I finish their rehabilitation or training. My rescue horses can be found under the website www.HardLuckHorses.com and they are managed completely separately in my books.

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