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BreedShetland  Fell
Final Update:

River is gone and I don't know why. I will miss her forever.


River is a little dark pony. She is supposedly a Shetland and Fell cross and has shed out to be a black bay. She stands about 10.3-11h and the vet estimated her around 20 years old when I got her. She is sound, healthy and currently up-to-date with everything.

Previously she was quite skinny, had nasty feet, terrible teeth, was super shaggy and has scars from an embedded halter. She was a bit pushy while being walked out of ESP, but since then she has been quite well mannered. She leads, ties, jumps into trailers, easily lets you take and keep her feet as long as you please, loves to be groomed, and is generally well mannered. So far, that only behavior fault that I have seen is that she is sometimes reluctant to be caught... but perhaps that is not surprising.

She is not very interested in the other horses, but she is very polite and submissive when they come close. She is extremely easy to handle, very willing, and a great pony. She loves affection, but she still seems to first expect to be hurt...

River is a wonderful lead line pony for children of all ages. She is also a very good riding pony for children who have some idea of how to ride. She is easy to tack, mount, and ride around. She has proven that she was extremely well trained at some point and remembers it all, even though sometimes she tries to pull the old-lesson-horse trick of playing dumb. As soon as she realizes you aren't falling for it, she gives in gracefully and is a beautiful ride.


River has been to the auction at least four times in the last year, but there was most likely a fifth time... I am still researching to find out. She originally came in with the group of ponies in April 2011 that had such terrible elfish feet that a power saw was used to cut their feet prior to them being allowed into the auction. From what I have been able to piece together, it appears that those horses came from a pony ride / petting zoo / pumpkin patch type place in Enumclaw called Happy Time Farm. She was led through the ring that first time as well as this last time, but in all her trips to the auction in between she was ridden and according to the auction reports rode well in the ring, even though she was given the sad name of Ugly Betty.


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